I Cut Down My Angel Trumpet Today


It’s a sad day when you have to cut down a beautiful plant.  However, in order to make my cuttings for next year it was a necessity.  Plus, the impending freeze we suspect for next week means it had to be done today.  The plant needs a few days to heal itself and close over the wounds from my cutting.  I cut it as close to the ground as possible and now have put a thick layer of pine needles over it to help protect from the winter.  Next to go will be my purple fountain grass….

Though I detest cutting my plants back in their prime (there were so many small blooms), I know the hard pruning is necessary for survival.  I am reminded that when I dread my own hard pruning it is often for my survival.  In the hard economy I suspect many families have gone through some hard pruning and hard decisions–which bills must be paid, what can be done without.  The economy, much like the seasons, will ebb and flow. We’ve been in a hard winter for quite some time, but take heart and trust that Spring will come–in season and in economy.  Pruning is always a necessity for survival.

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